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The work of Whales and Nails has been photographed by Carl Walsh, a free-lance professional photographer, as well as by numerous photographers associated with news media.



In "Scientists Investigating Why Humpback Whale Died off MDI,"  John Krinjak Hannon interviews Dan about the possible reasons for the death of the humpback whale known as Spinnaker. The same issue was reported on in "Clues Sought in Death of Humpback Whale," by Amanda Hill.

In "207 Visits with Whale Reconstructor, Dan DenDanto," Kathleen Shannon interviews Dan, Jen, and Courtney about their work on the New Hampshire Seacoast Science Center’s evolution exhibit and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science’s right-whale exhibit. 

Here is a  time-lapse photo sequence of the “Tofu” installation at the Sea Coast Science Center, in Rye, New Hampshire.

WABI’s "DNA Catching Illegal Hunters Part 1 and Part 2," highlight the forensics work done by Dan DenDanto and Irv Kornfield for the Maine State Warden Service. 

Dan DenDanto was one of the scientists featured in "MPBN’s Quest, Meet the Scientists: Allied Whale"

Dan served as a Naturalist and Film Guide for the award-winning "BBC Blue Planet Series" and the I-Max movie: "The Living Seas."


A Whale’s Last Song, the story of Snow, the humpack whale who’s skeleton was articulated and installed by Whales and Nails, is featured in the June, 2015 issue of National Parks Magazine.

Bill Trotter of The Bangor Daily news reported on the death of Spinnaker in Researchers Dissect Dead Humpback Whale on Bar Harbor Beach. 

The articulation and installation of “Stumpy,” a 52-foot-long Right Whale for the new wing of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences was described in the following articles: MDI Man Builds Reputations with Whale Bones, by Bill Trotter for the Bangor Daily News; in Right Whale Mother and Fetus Skeletons Reconstructed, by Laurie Schreiber for the Fisherman’s Voice.

The skeletal restoration work completed for Harvard university was documented by Alvin Powell in New Life for Old Whale Exhibit, a Harvard Gazette article.

Tim Wacker retold the story of Tofu, the humpback whale articulated for the New Hampshire Seacoast Science Center, in an article entitled All Fin and Bones, for

In SouthCoastTODAY, the piece Assembling a Whale Skeleton; a Giant Task, by Steve Urbon, details the work of Whales and Nails during the articulation of a Northern Right Whale cow (and the calf she was pregnant with) for the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

Cecil Barron Jensen wrote about the Nantucket Whaling Museum’s Sperm whale exhibit in Nantucket’s New Whaling Museum, in the spring of 2005.