Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

 Upon winning the 2014 National NPS Freeman Tilden Award for Interpretive Excellence;

“We couldn’t have done any of it without your expert assistance!”

        - Christine Gabriele, Humpback Whale Monitoring Program

“Couldn’t have accomplished it without you and your amazing crew! What a journey it’s been.  I’m thrilled and continue to be grateful to have had someone as creative and talented as you on the project. Snow’s flowing posture IS what makes her so breathtaking. There continues to be a captivating presence there that’s unexplainable. Thanks again for your diligence, perseverance and passion bringing Snow . . . back to life.”

      - Melissa Senac, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

 “I am honored to have gotten to spend so much time with you and your fabulous crew last week . . . what wonderful people you all are.”

    - Lisa J. Gatens, Curator of Mammals

“This looks like perhaps the best right whale exhibit I am familiar with.”

    - Jim Hain, Ph.D, Editor, Right Whale News

Seacoast Science Center

 “I do think your new humpback exhibit [Tofu] is the most convincing skeletal reconstruction that I have ever seen. In my mind’s eye I see the animal making a steep turn (which humpbacks to so well!) while rounding up a bait ball of fish.”

     - Feodor Pitcairn, filmmaker

“[I] am still processing how well things went and especially Dan's genius as a planner and rigger. . . the [Lizzie] Carr display is quite striking compared to its parent. Well done!”

    - Dr. Dave Switzer, Nautical Archeologist, Plymouth State U.

“Tonight's concert is over but a few people are in the Center looking at the exhibits. One older fellow who has clearly spent a long time working on wooden boats is giving his friends an enthusiastic lesson on wooden hulls, using Lizzie [Carr} as his main prop! They are enthralled; he is delighted. This NEVER would have happened before we set her right.”

     - Wendy W. Lull, President, Seacoast Science Center

Nantucket Whaling Museum


“I just returned from Nantucket and admired your fabulous work. Wow! Of the nine (9) Sperm whale skeletal articulations I’ve seen, that’s my favorite. Great Job. . . . Your great work helps inspire me.”

   - Keith Rittmaster, Natural Science Curator, NC Maritime Museum

“We are so fortunate to have this skeleton. Telling the history of whaling has always been a central part of our programming at the Whaling Museum . . . [with] the dramatic articulation of the whale, the story takes on additional drama.”

   - Kirstin Gamble, Curator of Ed., Nantucket Whaling Museum